Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Very Angry Medical Biller(s) and a Look to the Future

Very recently I spoke with the husband of a medical biller. He said that every U.S. citizen should see the movie SiCKO. After seeing SiCKO his wife declared that it was all the truth, that what's seen on SiCKO is what happens all of the time. She's very angry about the situation.

I asked him about his wife losing her job when the U.S. implements national health insurance. With a very big smile he said that he'd be very pleased if she lost her job for that reason.

She and others in her billing department (one of two or three billing groups in the organization) make up a group of health care workers: technicians and nurses. In other words, they are highly skilled people who are doing the billing job for various reasons, such as better working hours. But their training is such that they could readily be working as health care workers, helping satisfy the need for an expanded amount of health care activities that will occur when the U.S. implements single-payer national health insurance.

Based on what is written above, I write the following with tears in my eyes:
  • A Glimpse of the Future: some of the health care workers might not like the hours as well. But, according to the above words, but they might very much like the caring for people within a more caring society. Wow, that's a very heavy positive thought.

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