Friday, January 11, 2008

The Average Persons are Real People

I try to avoid "bashing" insurance companies and proclaiming or otherwise focusing on individual horror stories." I prefer to focus on the average person ... and the positive results of what U.S. citizens could have. That is, we could have it if we simply communicated what we want, such as the example of writing our notes that we want it.

The Average Person in Other Industrialized Countries --
  • pays less than half the cost for health care
  • has a higher degree of satisfaction with health care
  • has no fellow citizens having medically-caused bankruptcies
The Average Person in the United States --
  • has a significantly lower life expectancy
  • has a large financial burden regarding health care
  • has many barriers to being able to access health care
  • has 22,000 fellow citizens dying every year due to having no health insurance
Real People

Yesterday I read the words of another full-time volunteer activist, who is also a health care policy expert. As a family physician for over three decades, he saw real people die merely because they did not have insurance. He asks us this: do body counts, such as the 22,000 in 2006, really matter when they are not accompanied by information on each of the real human beings who died?

These are fellow human beings dying, not just body count numbers.
  • If we counted the number of deaths due to insurance company decision-making, the number of deaths would be higher.
  • Every day that we don't go to non-profit, publicly financed health care (single-payer national health insurance) then, on average, another 60 people die due to a lack of health insurance and more die that we have not counted
These are real people. They die every day simply because we just haven't yet gotten this one right. Please do a few effective, efficient actions to make it right ...

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