Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year and Special Thanks

THANKS FOR THE THANKS --- My very special thanks to individuals who have recognized the power of the outstanding set of tools at the Nine-Nine-Oh-Nine! web site to do the following:
  • support single-payer activists in their work to get Health Care for All with single-payer national health insurance.
  • support individuals 1) to write notes to the U.S. Congress and 2) to vote with consideration of who supports single-payer.

CONTINUOUS PROGRESS --- Today the outstanding volunteer webmaster made more improvements. It will still be plenty of work to get the information and maintain it, but the web site's functions make it feasible to report the up-to-date information to you.

STAY POSITIVE --- No matter what you or I work on, we need to stay positive and continue to work on the cause.

My very best regards and many e-Hugs to all, Bob Haiducek

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