Sunday, December 23, 2007

Spaghetti Dinner Headlines

A few of the examples of headlines from only one small city of one state in the U.S. ... (with the last names only identified by the first initial)

  • "Fund-raiser set for D. family" ... and the bills it must pay for Cameron's hospitalization and recovery (from a serious head injury)
  • "Benefit dinner/dance for heart disease and car accident victim"
  • "Tom W. benefit spaghetti dinner and bake sale"
  • "Community benefit planned for W. tonight at BC High School"
  • "4-H Club Hoping to Raise Final $4,000" ... for a Paws With A Cause dog for 19 year old with cerebral palsy
  • "Benefit this Sunday for leukemia patient's family" ... to help offset medical and funeral costs
  • "Saginaw native auctions off America's original 50-star flag" to help pay ... costs related to his diabetes and partial foot amputation.
  • "Benefit Planned for A." ... to raise money to help the family.
  • "Forget-me-not" "Auburn family, struck by troubles, gets a little help"
  • "Benefit dinner planned to help Mc." ... to help with expenses accrued during cancer treatments
  • "Fundraiser will help with dental work"
  • "S. benefit planned" ... to pay for medical bills that are not covered by insurance.
  • "Her 'special' arm"... puffy and swollen and has a hue of blue. Friends of the M. are holding a benefit for the family ...
  • "A past of help, a present need" Friends and family of M. L. are sponsoring a benefit to raise money to help pay for medical bills and prescription costs associated with a second kidney transplant ... The ... bills are more than most people can comprehend ...
  • ... and on ... and on ... and on ... just in one small city of one state of the U.S. as per the Midland Daily News of Midland, Michigan

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